Feed Them First Missions

About Us

We are a US-based non-profit organization providing support to children all over the world, with a current emphasis on Africa.

25+ Years in Action

We’ve been sponsoring kids for over a decade when we realized that our vision was so much bigger than a husband and wife team that we started Feed Them First Missions, Inc. a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization to feed kids internationally. This means that your donations to FTFM are tax deductable.

We sponsor children until they are 18 or graduate University … you don’t have to tell us what kind of commitment that is, believe me! However, it is our hart’s passion. We hope that you will make it yours as well  … starting today.

If you are still undecided … take this challenge:
Sponsor a child for a year … evaluate your life after that year … if your life is not RICHER because of it … if you haven’t been blessed because of your generosity … let us know … Shirley and I will takeover sponsorship of that child.

Would you like to know a secret though? It’s impossible for your life NOT to be enriched by your experience. Try it! See if it isn’t true. Never-the-less, you have our promise if you disagree or if you need to opt out, let us know.

Wayne “Doc” & Shirley Bulgerin

Our Mission

We are accepting donations of any size including monthly support for multiple children. Donating 1% of your monthly income is painless, but will provide needed support for these children!

These kids require your help!

There is no way that we can fulfill our mission without YOU – Won’t you help us by sponsoring a child today.